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Tipos de adaptador de unidades de carcasa

Tempo: 2022-07-27 Golpea : 82

 Tipos de adaptador de unidades de carcasa

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We have various types of casing drive adapter to meet different requirements.

Type A: It’s also called casing twister that widely used with permanent casings. It has Kelly box to connect the Kelly bar and it features 4 legs to stretch out to fit the casing of different diameter.

Type B: This is the most common type of casing drive adaptor. The upper part of adaptor would connect the plate of the rotary drill rig and the lower part of female xunta de carcasa can match up with the male joints of the casing tubes. The female and male joint can be connected through the casing bolts.

Type C: This type of casing drive adaptor features a kelly box which is used to connect the kelly bar.

Type D: The main advantage of this type of casing drive adaptor is to connect casing tubes of different diameter through the related female casing joints. As you can see, it has two female casing joints of different sizes.

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