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Agarre de martelo mecánico para a construción de cimentación

Tempo: 2022-07-27 Golpea : 51

Mechanical Hammer Grave for Foundation Construction

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Hammer grab is the large bored pile equipment for the foundation construction. Its main function is to excavate bored piles of soil, gravel and soft rock layer.

KIMDRILL’hammer grab features pulley system and double-rope/single-rope type are both available. It’s usually used at cable-tool drilling rigs and dropped from a height of a certain degree with two jaws opening, once reach the location, the latches in the grab cover fall to the outside and the grab jaws are closed, taking the soil inside the jaws, then the excavation work is done.

Our factory manufacture the mechanical hammer grab from 600mm to 2500mm that is reliable and has good performance.